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Collab: Lagos (2021)
Directed by Kene Nwatu


Holding onto an idea gives one complete control of something small... Through collaboration anyway, we allow others to bring all their small ideas, blending it with ours, and we together harness them all into something larger, often times more than we could ever imagine. Collaboration as a form of expression in creativity is often overlooked and underrated when success stories are discussed. This undermines the many moving parts that come together to make a person, brand or product. Through this documentary series, we explore the inner workings of a variety of collectives, groups or whatever you may decided to call them, unearthing the multiple avenues, values and so forth, that contribute in making many of these visions possible; hopefully lending more insight to others that may not understand the true essence of the art of collaboration.

CAST and credits

This Is Us, H.Factor, Show Dem Camp

Direction: Kene Nwatu
Sound Design: Kene Nwatu
Cinematography: Kene Nwatu, Kelenna Ogboso
Editing: Kelenna Ogboso

director Bio

Beginning photography from an early age as a hobbyist, Kene has gone on to create professional work on the themes of personality, dreams and spirituality. He has worked as a photo & video journalist for renowned media outlets such as The New York Times Style Magazine & Vogue USA, and has worked with Brands such as Nike & VLISCO. He also works as a music director & Sound Designer, producing live music experiments with  Universal Music Nigeria artistes and a roster of others. His preferred mode of exhibition are multimedia installations consisting of video mapping, soundscaping, and still photography projections & prints.

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